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Recently we have identified promotions/competitions being organised through social networks or via text messages and/or emails) with rewards, amongst which are coupons or gift certificates from our company. These promotional actions and competitions are not carried out by our company. The rewards promoted aim at creating the impression that these competitions are organised by our company. Our company cannot know whether the winners of these competitions receive their rewards and where those rewards may have been procured by whomever may be organising them. On the other hand, however, as our company feels intensely responsible to protect both its trademark rights, which are used without its consent, and to protect its customers/consumers, it has already taken the necessary legal action.
Furthermore, we would like to stress that you should be mindful when you are invited to participate in such promotional actions. You must carefully read the terms prior to accepting them, especially the terms concerning charges for using the specific services.
 The company’s competitions are carried out through the company’s accounts on social networks, as well as on our official website, where you can be informed about company news. These are the addresses:

The company has a high sense of responsibility and is guided by consumer interest. 

We would like to thank you for your trust and patronage.

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