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ΣΗΜΑΝΤΙΚΗ ΕΝΗΜΕΡΩΣΗ: ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ! Λόγω τεχνικού προβλήματος οι προσφορές πόντων για αγορά 2 προϊόντων και άνω δεν απεικονίζονται ορθά. Καταβάλουμε προσπάθειες αποκατάστασης του προβλήματος.  


At AB we aim at providing you the most enjoyable and convenient grocery shopping experience through our services!

Be always connected through our free wi-fi network available in over 250 AB stores by simply selecting ABFreeWifi from the available Wi-Fi networks.

You may use the wi-fi network to:

•    Open AB Mobile app or visit our responsive website to search for offers, find out the benefits and special rewards of AB Plus loyalty card, discover plenty of recipes and read our latest news.

•    Follow us on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Foursquare) and share with us and your online friends your most enjoyable AB moments.

Happy free surfing!

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