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52 Weeks: Actions providing food & care throughout Greece

Join us in creating the longest solidarity chain ever!

Ελάτε να δημιουργήσουμε όλοι μαζί τη μεγαλύτερη αλυσίδα αλληλεγγύης που έγινε ποτέ!

‘52 Weeks, 52 actions providing food & care throughout Greece’

At AB Vassilopoulos, through our major ongoing Corporate Responsibility programme titled ‘52 weeks, 52 actions providing food and care throughout Greece’ we focus on a major social problem every year. Our programme’s aim is to help as many of our fellow people as possible through our partnerships with local or nationwide associations, agencies, NGOs, foundations and other organisations throughout Greece.

In order to achieve this goal, every year we donate to these cooperating organisations a large sum, while through individual actions carried out in each of our stores, we give our stakeholders (customers, partners, suppliers) the opportunity to participate as well! How?

Our clients:

  •  By buying the “good cause” products and coupons, which we have created in the framework of the programme, (all the net income from the sale of these products is turned over to support the organisations cooperating on our programme).
  • By donating food from collection points in our stores.
Our suppliers and partners:
  • By having their products participate in the programme.
  • By donating products directly to the organisations.

During the programme’s first year (Sep. 2013 - Sep. 2014) we focused on the problem of under-nutrition and we helped hundreds of our fellow people all over Greece who were unable to buy food and who needed our help.
From October 2014 and up to the present, we have turned our attention to supporting and caring for thousands of children in the areas where we operate.

Specifically, we financially support the Prolepsis Institute, which implements the DIAtrofi* program on food aid and promotion of healthy nutrition. Thus, AB, through the DIAtrofi program, provides a healthy, high standard meal on a daily basis to students of public schools all over Greece. At the same time, in cooperation with the ‘Boroume’ Non-Profit Organization we are supporting 52 organisations all around Greece, that help children.


*You can help the efforts of the Prolepsis Institute too! By sending a text message with the word DIATROFI to 54534 you can help even more students receive meals. Each text message costs €1.48 including 23% VAT

The results of ‘52 Weeks’ are amazing!
In 2013 the following was provided:

  • €168,000 from AB
  • €13,500 from sales of 52 weeks products
In 2014 the following was provided:
  • €177,000 from AB
  • €70,500 from sales of 52 weeks products & coupons
  • 2700 bags of food and other products
While in 2015 the following was provided:
  • €271,000 from AB
  • €60,742 from sales of 52 weeks solidarity products & coupons
  • 6000 bags from the special collection points inside the stores
All of us at AB Vassilopoulos care for every single child and we believe that it is a beautiful thing for all children to be able to grow up with a smile on their face. That is why we are continuing our ‘52 week’ programme in 2016, securing a daily lunch for thousands of children in need, and we invite you all to make this solidarity chain even longer.

Thousands of children fill up on... smiles

We can achieve so much, together!

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