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Greece’s first green Super Market, with the verification of Green Building.

Agios Dimitrios

In the Agios Dimitrios store, AB has invested in innovative technologies thus securing at least 30% energy savings and reduction in CO2 emissions compared to corresponding conventional stores.

Specifically, innovative technologies were implemented as regards fridges, lighting, air-conditioning, lifts and escalators. Fridges were fitted with sliding centrally controlled electric doors, high energy efficiency fans (EC Fans) and electronic expansion valves for automatic regulation of coolant production.

Anti-fog resistors were reduced and covers put on freezer doors, a special management study was conducted regarding the lighting of all the fridges while ensuring energy recovery through their de-superheaters for hot water production for use inside the store. As regards lighting, an automatic operation and remote monitoring and control system was installed, whereas in areas of natural lighting light sensors were used. Escalators were fitted with a motion detector and an inverter system.

ΑΒ won the Green Building award for this particular supermarket which was the first in Greece to receive it. The GreenBuilding programme (http://www.cres.gr/greenbuilding/, http://www.eu-greenbuilding.org/) is a European programme to certify buildings for energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. It was implemented by AB’s technical operations department.

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