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Greece’s first green Super Market, with the verification of Breeam.


AB is entering a new era as regards store construction, which is directed towards implementing energy-saving techniques that can produce and save energy at a rate of up to 40% compared to conventional stores!

The use of photovoltaic systems and wind turbines, to produce electricity, the roof openings for natural ventilation, the solar tubes for natural lighting, the energy-saving systems for fridges, the geothermal system that uses heat from the ground for heating the building during the winter and expels heat to the ground for cooling the building during the summer, the rainwater harvesting and management system are just a few of the methods used to save and produce energy, making the AB Green Store unique from every point of view.

Above and beyond its special design, for whose construction environmentally-friendly materials were used, (such as marble, wood, limestone etc.), the AB Green Store’s shopping trolleys are made from special recycled plastic and it has a charging station for electric cars. In addition the store has a Reciprocal Recycling Unit for seven (7) different materials, as well as cooking-oil recycling tanks and light bulb recycling bins.

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