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AB is the only company in Greece and Europe that implements an Individual Alternative Management System for Packaging Waste

Packaging Recycling

In the Integrated Recycling Centres you can recycle up to seven different materials (plastic bottles, metal cans, glass bottles, plastic bags, metal and plastic containers), whereas at the smaller recycling centres you can recycle plastic and metal containers.

Since November 2003, AB, in collaboration with TEXAN Alternative Environmental Management Systems, has implemented an Individual Alternative Management System for Packaging Waste, utilizing special provisions of the law and with the certification of the Greek Ministry for the Environment Physical Planning and Public Works. It is the only company in Greece and Europe that implements an Individual System since, in accordance with Law 2939/2001, all other Alternative Packaging Waste Management Systems (implemented by producers, importers, retailers) are Collective and do not enable customers to directly recycle packaging.

The results and reception from the public was so great that it prompted AB to implement the system in many of its stores, with the full supervision and technical support of ΤΕΧΑΝ. The innovative and efficient technology implemented by TEXAN in our stores provides our customers with the opportunity to make their own small contribution to the recycling effort, since protection of the environment is an issue that concerns us all! At the same time, however, the system provides additional incentives such as discount “rewards” (through purchases at AB stores), as well as the option to make an automatic donation of the cash equivalent to the Greek charity organization for children “TO HAMOGELO TOU PAIDIOU” (member of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children).(The above apply only after recycling of glass, aluminium or PET plastic). You earn 3 cents for every metal, plastic or glass packaging.

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