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Love Food

Every day at AB Vassilopoulos we collect our nearing sell-by date products or products with worn packaging, which is still of excellent quality, and offer them to our fellow people who need them.

AB Vassilopoulos offers ‘Love Food’

Every year the number of people who are undernourished or living below the poverty line increases, as do the quantities of healthy foods that could be consumed but which are instead discarded.
For us here at AB Vassilopoulos, throwing out safe to eat food is a particularly important subject, because it causes pollution, environmental problems, etc., but mainly because we could, with those quantities of food, help out fellow people who are going through a difficult time.
Taking the above into account we created the ‘Love Food’ programme. In applying the programme we donate from our warehouses and stores perfectly safe to eat food*, which, however, can no longer be sold due to the nearing sell-by date or the worn packaging.

Food Bank - A timeless partner

AB Vassilopoulos donates food from its warehouses to the ‘Food Bank’. Specifically, it has supported the ‘Food Bank Greece’ since it was founded by G. Vassilopoulos in 1995.
As a long standing social ally of the Food Bank, we support its work by delivering food that is near its sell-by date and other essential goods from our warehouses in Mandra, Oinofyta and Sindos. By doing this, we have helped the bank assist 198 foundations and, thus, 23,000 recipients.

Donation of food near its sell-by date to local organisations by individual stores

AB Vassilopoulos is the first Greek retail company to put into action a donation of near sell-by foods programme. In this way, we reach more and more people in need.
Since June 2013, with the help of the non-profit organisation 'Boroume' ('We can') fighting food waste, we have seen to it that healthy goods removed from the shelves because they are nearing their sell-by date or because the packaging is damaged are donated to social organisations in the stores' vicinity. These local organisations receive the products daily after the stores close and distribute them directly to vulnerable social groups
The programme was launched in 2013 and was initially implemented as a pilot programme at three stores. There are now 167 AB stores displaying the emblem indicating they are implementing the programme. Our goal is to gradually implement the programme at all of our stores.

‘Love Food’: local and environmental benefits

This programme is highly localised, as the food is offered only to local organisations, which in turn distribute it to people in the specific areas who are in dire need. At the same time, there are important benefits to the environment, since these goods would have ended up in the rubbish, increasing the levels of harmful substances released into the environment, including carbon dioxide (CO2).
The results of the Love Food programme to date have been impressive.
Specifically, in 2015 more than 850,000 1-kilo packages of food, worth more than €1 million, were distributed, covering the needs of more than 70,000 people.
At AB Vassilopoulos we still strive to develop initiatives and actions aiming at improving the quality of life of our customers, our partners and the communities in which we operate.

So that everyone's table will always be full!

* The products we donate are not past their expiry date and they are checked to verify that they meet the strictest safety regulations that apply to their category.

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