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AB's Policy on Genetically Modified Foods

AB, in response to the concerns of the consumers, is announcing its policy on genetically modified foods:

  • The AB private label products cannot come from or contain an ingredient coming from genetically modified (GM) organisms. To this end, AB is carrying out systematic inspections of all Private Label products. The first step in this direction is the request that our suppliers must hold all the necessary certificates, as well as the conduct of all the necessary inspections of known genetically modified goods.

  • AB does not sell to consumers Greek or imported branded products, which according to the statement of their own suppliers contain GM organisms, and this is written on their labels. AB does not inspect these products, and it does no follow-up on any recommendations or complaints (from blogs, sites, etc.), on the possible existence of genetically modified ingredients if they are not accompanied by the appropriate certificates and results of laboratory tests.

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