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Μάσκα Μαλλιών Avocado Oil & Shea Butter 300ml

300 ml
21,83 Ε/ λιτ
13,10 Ε/ λιτ
Προσφορά για όλους: Κερδίζεις 40% με κάθε προϊόν
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300 ml
21,83 Ε/ λιτ
13,10 Ε/ λιτ

 Garnier Botanic Therapy combines:
Avocado oil, known for its softening properties
Shea Butter, famous for its deep nourishing power.
Its creamy and rich texture does not weigh down and leaves the hair with a subtil and delicious  perfume.
Result: The hair is nourished intensively, regaining elasticity and softness. They become more shiny and easy to comb with a healthy look.
Shea butter comes from cooperatives in South Africa. It is a product of fair trade in order to contribute and protect the economic development of local communities as well as the trees from which shea butter is derived.    

Προσφορά για όλους: Κερδίζεις 40% με κάθε προϊόν

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Σαμπουάν Απαλότητας Γάλα Καρύδας & Μακαντάμια 400ml
400 ml
12,15 Ε/ λιτ€4,86
7,29 Ε/ λιτ

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