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Our historic Elliniko AB store has been renovated. In recognition of your many years of patronage at our flagship store, we have carried out a complete renovation and we are here to welcome you with great pleasure. We have created an exquisite, atmospheric and comfortable environment, to repay your trust in us, and we have introduced new departments to capture your interest anew. The modern aesthetic, unique design, up-to-date equipment and homey feel, make our new space a unique store that we have created just for you. Our main goals, our A’s and B’s if you will, are for us to be able to offer you a wide variety of nutritious, healthy and safe products at exceptional prices, with that excellent AB service that we are known for, on a daily basis. 
Our revamped Elliniko AB store is our way of showing our gratitude to you for your understanding during our renovation, as well as for the many years of trust you have shown in us and for your patronage.
Breads & Desserts: Every day we bake fresh bread, delicious biscuits and other sweet and savoury creations for you.
Delicatessen (Deli): Only the best from all over the world, especially for you: Flavours that stand out from all around Greece.
Wines and spirits: “Crisp” white or aged red? Multiple distillations or aged in an oak barrel?
All about indulgence: Coffee, nuts and dried fruits, chocolate - there is no question about it, the enchanting aroma of freshly ground coffee will draw you in.
All about indulgence

Απολαύστε τους πιο αρωματικούς καφέδες απ'όλο τον κόσμο!

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