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C THRU | Αποσμητικό Spray Harmony Bliss 150ml

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From 3/10/2022 to 31/12/2022See range
This item is no longer available

C-THRU Harmony Bliss deodorant has the same gorgeous aroma as the fragrance so that they can form a perfect couple.


- Leaves a long-term feeling of freshness
neutralises odours
- Enhances the intensity of the fragrance from the same line
- Ideal pack for your handbag.

Offer to all: Win 50% with every product

Valid from 04/10/22 to 31/12/22

Λοσιόν Σώματος Naturally Good Έλαιο Κάνναβης 350ml
350 ml
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10,57 Ε/ L

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