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Conditioner Almond Milk Softness 200ml

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Botanic Therapy Almond Milk Softness blends: 
- Organic Almond Milk, a true nurturing treasure, ideal to hydrate hair with no weigh down.
- Organic Agave Sap, renowned for it's vitality virtues.
This 98% natural origin recipe is enriched with 2 organic ingredients  to provide the best natural care.
Organic Almond Milk is sourced responsibly from a co-operative of producers at Piñoso region in Spain.
Result: easily detangled and hydrated, hair is silky smooth, soft to touch and full of life with no weigh down. 

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Valid from 11/05/22 to 31/12/22

Μάσκα Μαλλιών Hair Food Goji Βαμμένα Μαλλιά 390ml
This item is no longer available

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Valid from 19/05/22 to 25/05/22

Conditioner Mythic Olive Βαθιάς Θρέψης 200ml
200 ml
20,8 Ε/ L€4,16
12,48 Ε/ L

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