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Σαμπουάν Απαλότητας Γάλα Καρύδας & Μακαντάμια 400ml

400 ml
11 Ε/ L
6 Ε/ L
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From 5/18/2022 to 5/25/2022See range
400 ml
11 Ε/ L
6 Ε/ L

Botanic Therapy Coconut Milk & Macadamia blends:
- Coconut milk, rich and uniquely soft, known for its nutritional properties.
- Macadamia Oil, known for its extremely nutritious properties, offers softness.
Its creamy and soft texture, which has a distinct, delicate fragrance, is instantly absorbed and easily rinsed, with no weigh down.
Result: intensely nourished, hair becomes shiny, soft and smooth, easy to detangle.

Offer to all: Win 40% with every product

Valid from 19/05/22 to 25/05/22

Σαμπουάν Kids 2σε1 Βερίκοκο 400ml
400 ml
10,98 Ε/ L€4,39
6,59 Ε/ L

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