Selected and freshly-packaged meat!

AB Fresh to Go meat is selected, tested, guaranteed and freshly packaged by AB’s experts. Every day, we guarantee you the best pork, beef and poultry so you can choose the cut that goes best with your recipes. The fresher the meat you choose, the higher its vitamin content. We’ve got the right piece of meat for any recipe, properly prepared, ready to roast or cook. We also offer you a host of ready-packed solutions, to ensure that you don’t lose time or quality. In our chill cabinets, you’ll find a wide variety of marinated meats, including souvlakia, sausages hamburgers, meatballs, parcels (pork, chicken), as well as breaded cuts, etc., ready, prepared and packaged in small or family-sized portions and always at the best prices. We are pioneers in the design of new products, constantly renewing our wide variety of ready solutions to make your life easier.

At AB, we apply an HACCP food hygiene and safety system. We demand conditions of absolute cleanliness and hygiene everywhere. We have the right equipment, modern laboratories, meat departments and refrigerators to ensure that our products are fresh and properly preserved until they are sold. Our staff undergo constant training so that they always serve you to the best of their abilities.  We carry out regular inspections on our products at all stages, from production to point-of-sale, to ensure quality and traceability.  We personally supervise delivery and ensure that handling and storage always take place at the ideal temperatures.

Choose fresh meat and poultry for you and your loved ones!