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A unique store, for those of you who want the best!

At AB Vassilopoulos we are as fond of great food as you are. That’s why our daily goal is to provide you with the most nutritious, healthiest and safest products at exceptional prices.

At our new store in Larisa you can find the finest products: the freshest fruits and vegetables, freshly baked bread and delicious desserts, cheeses and cold cuts from all over Greece and the world, every day,  select cuts of fresh meats, hand-picked fish, wines from around the world, warm crunchy nuts, freshly ground coffee and many more products that we have chosen for you. Because, what has kept us together all these years is our love of sharing unique flavours and products made through authentic processes with you.
That’s why we always make sure we pick the very best, so that you can, in turn, care for your loved ones.

Our new store’s aesthetic is modern, its design is unique and offers a brand new perspective.  The atmosphere, comfortable environment, lighting that flatters the products and modern equipment of the Larisa AB store will win you over from the very first moment you lay eyes on it.  

All about indulgence

Απολαύστε τους πιο αρωματικούς καφέδες απ'όλο τον κόσμο!

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