• The company registered as “ALFA – BETA VASSILOPOULOS SA” and trading as “AB VASSILOPOULOS .... even the bird’s milk” (hereinafter, “AB”) has created the website www.ab.gr to provide its users with information and services regarding the company and its operations, stores, products, collaborations etc.
  • The use of www.ab.gr is governed by these terms and conditions, which must be carefully read and adhered to by all users. Use of www.ab.gr constitutes tacit acceptance of these terms, as same apply from time to time.
  • Minors are forbidden from using the web pages and services of ab.gr which are aimed exclusively at adults by law. Nevertheless, if minors visit the site or use services aimed at adults of their own volition, AB bears no liability and assumes that parental consent has been given.
  • AB may, at its own discretion, amend these Terms and Conditions of Use of AB.GR without prior notice, but it is required to immediately update these terms.
  • In the event that any service provided through ab.gr is subject to more specific terms, then such terms shall be considered to form an integrated whole with these terms; however, in case of discrepancy, the more specific terms governing each particular service shall prevail.
  • The invalidity of any of the terms herein does not render the remaining terms invalid. Failure by AB to exercise its rights under these terms does not imply its waiver of such rights. AB is not liable for the violation of these terms due to force majeure.
  • The ab.gr website is used "as is", and users may not make any modifications or interventions.
  • The content included in the specific site includes valid, current and legitimate information. AB makes every reasonable effort to ensure that all information or content in general provided through www.ab.gr is precise, accurate and complete. Under no circumstances shall AB bear any liability whatsoever towards any visitor or user of www.ab.gr for losses sustained as a result of obtaining outdated information through the website.
  • AB's liability is limited solely to providing information related to its sectors of activity and the services it provides. Information on products that may be featured or provided through the website has been collected by producers and include details as required by laws in effect.
  • The ab.gr website may direct users through links, hyperlinks or advertising banners to other websites whose providers are fully responsible for the security, legitimacy and validity of the content. Users should be aware of the terms of use of the specific websites and accept them. Under no circumstances shall AB bear any liability towards users for their use of these websites simply because they are featured through the ab.gr site, nor is it liable for offers made by third parties.
  • AB is not liable for any claims of a legal or civil and/or criminal nature, nor for any losses (direct, special or consequential, which may include, but are not limited to, separately and/or in aggregate, loss of profits or data, loss of earnings, compensation, etc.) by visitors to the website or third parties for reasons whether related or not to the operation and/or use of the website and/or to the inability to provide services and/or information provided by it and/or services and/or information provided through the website.

  • All ab.gr users are required to make legal and proper use of the website and to comply with these terms and conditions. All ab.gr users must refrain from any use of the content or services provided through the website which is illegal, illicit, abusive or contrary to fair dealing.
  • The company and trade name, the trademark and any images, graphics, logos, texts or other content of any kind contained in the www.ab.gr website constitute protected intellectual and industrial property of AB and of the members of the Ahold Delhaize. Any trademarks, names or other intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties featured on the www.ab.gr website are protected under the applicable laws. Any copying, reproduction, dissemination, disposal, transmission or use of the above other than the uses explicitly permitted on the website is strictly prohibited.
  • Any act contrary to Greek law or which may harm AB and/or third parties is expressly forbidden and includes but is not limited to:
  1. causing harm, through use of the website, to any third party and particularly to minors in any manner;
  2. intervening on the website for the purpose of misleading any third party as to the source of the website content for the ulterior purpose of causing harm to AB's image and reputation or endangering the security of transactions and/or interfering with free access to the specific website;
  3. distorting the information contained therein which refers to products and/or services, as well as posting unsubstantiated and duly proven information, news, opinions, and so on whose purpose is to mislead consumers, to directly or indirectly influence their behaviour and to harm AB and its products and/or services;
  4. installing and/or promoting in any manner, any type of unsolicited or unauthorised advertising or unwanted e-mail (spam), chain letters, pyramid schemes and/or any other type of promotional content, as well as installing advertising messages without AB's written consent;
  5. installing software code or program files that could in any way cause the specific website to malfunction or that could interfere with its use by third parties.
  • In the event any of these terms is violated, AB reserves the right to exercise every legal means to defend and protect its interests, and violators will be required to make restitution for any damage caused to AB.

  • AB is the sole owner of the specific website. As such, AB makes every possible effort to maintain it and have it available. Nevertheless, AB retains the right to modify and/or to temporarily or permanently interrupt all or part of the website with and/or without notice to users, as availability may depend on communication networks, large numbers of visitors and other causes. Under no circumstances is AB liable in the event that users cannot visit or access the website.
  • AB makes every possible effort to protect ab.gr from malicious software (eg. malware) but it cannot guarantee that it will not be a victim of online attacks. As such, users should ensure their own access device is protected (e.g. by using anti-virus software, etc.) before using ab.gr.

  • Users of the ab.gr website can create their own account. Through their personal account, users receive personalised information and are notified of new services, new products and special offers.
  • To create a personal account on the ab.gr website, users must first register by completing the on-line application.
  • Each user is solely responsible for the information provided, which must be true and accurate. If AB ascertains that the information provided is not true, it may revoke the particular user's registration at a later date.
  • The information that every user is required to provide when creating a personal account includes a full name, e-mail address and home or work address. The e-mail address must be real and complete; it must also be for the personal use and under the full control of the user. Your address may be edited in our database for proper display so please enter your street in uppercase Greek characters and without abbreviations.
  • Any natural person who is over 18 and has full legal capacity may create a personal account.
  • When creating a personal account, users register a password of their choice. Use of the personal account requires only the e-mail address and password. This information is unique to each visitor/user and should not be disclosed to any third party. Users are solely responsible for any actions taken while using the e-mail address and password they have chosen and are required to notify AB immediately of any unauthorised use. AB is not liable under any circumstances for any damage suffered by the user.
  • AB is committed to protecting personal data based on these terms and laws in force.
  • Any registered user may ask to be deleted and to have his/her personal data destroyed by making such a request to AB at AB Vassilopoulos, 81 Spaton Ave., 15344 Gerakas, Attn: Marketing & Strategy Department.

  • This card is issued to all customers of companies in the AB VASSILOPOULOS GROUP who use the company’s trademarks and to customers of companies which have joined the AB VASSILOPOULOS SA franchising system.
  • The customer declares that the particulars provided above are accurate and complete and that if they change, the customer assumes responsibility for immediately informing AB.
  • The cardholder shall enjoy the benefits specified from time to time as part of AB's commercial policy as a reward for regular use of the card when making purchases at AB stores (loyalty programme).
  • The customer is exclusively responsible for use of the card and under no circumstances is AB liable for loss, theft or improper use thereof.
  • As part of the loyalty programme, based on its commercial policy from time to time, AB may reward customers by providing gift certificates. The gift certificate shall be issued in correlation with the card number and shall be presented to the bearer of the card, who shall sign a receipt. The value of the gift certificate shall be specified by AB from time to time.
  • The gift certificate may be cashed in when making subsequent purchases at AB stores and may not be exchanged for cash under any circumstances. Once the gift certificate is cashed in, the customer shall have no current and/or future claim against AB.
  • The customer shall be exclusively responsible for use of the gift certificate and AB shall bear no liability to the customer for loss, theft or unlawful use of the gift certificate by an unauthorised person.
  • When receiving and encashing the gift certificate, AB shall bear no obligation to check the identity and authorisation of the bearer.
  • AB may activate or deactivate the card at its unfettered discretion and may terminate the loyalty programme without giving prior notice to customers, since the specific programme is a benefit provided at AB's discretion to its customers.


  • AB may maintain a record of and process any personal data of visitors to the ab.gr website which may come to its possession through any applications and/or transactions for the purpose of promoting and implementing the respective transactions. Personal data may also be disclosed to third parties, either natural persons or legal entities, within the scope of advertising of AB’s products and/or services or for the purposes of market research conducted on behalf of AB. All www.ab.gr website users/visitors reserve the right to be informed of and/or object to any further processing of their personal data, according to the provisions of Article 13 of L. 2472/1997, as in force.
  • AB shall bear no liability whatsoever towards any www.ab.gr website user(s)/visitor(s) for the use of any personal data that they have disclosed to third parties, either natural persons or legal entities, through any hyperlink to such third party web pages contained in the www.ab.gr website.

  • The sample applications on the www.ab.gr website and any services or products provided through them may be replaced/amended/cancelled at any time at AB’s discretion. Users/visitors of www.ab.gr are prohibited from altering or falsifying the sample applications contained on the www.ab.gr website. In the event that any such activity is ascertained, AB reserves the right to claim all damages sustained from the liable parties.
  • These terms and conditions are governed by the provisions of Greek law, the directives and regulations of European law and the applicable provisions of international law. Any dispute arising in connection to these terms shall be resolved by the Courts of Athens, Greece.
  • AB Vassilopoulos carries out promotional activities either itself or in collaboration with third parties. These promotional activities are governed by the applicable terms posted on this page and are binding for the participants and AB Vassilopoulos. AB Vassilopoulos bears no liability of any kind for contests carried out by third parties, which visitors may access through third party webpages (Hyperlink) or via the use of mobile applications for mobile devices of any type (mobile phones or tablets)  and where vouchers, products and/or services of AB Vassilopoulos are offered as prizes.
  • In general AB Vassilopoulos bears no liability for third party contests / promotional activities conducted via any medium and where products / services / vouchers etc. are offered as prizes and which activities, under the conditions governing them, are not announced by AB Vassilopoulos or AB Vassilopoulos does not participate in them.


For any matters relating to these terms or the www.ab.gr website, please call the AB Open Line at 18 202.

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